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Effectively removes scales from mineral deposits and helps remove detergent residues, preparing surfaces for more effective disinfection.


Substitute for chlorine, safe and highly effective. It makes water drinkable by eliminating bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoan parasites in a few seconds. Municipal drinking water, sewage, industrial water, odor and taste control, food and beverages, oil industry.

Alp Lab

Formula that provides the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids necessary to restore the vigor of sick or weak animals. Its presentation in the form of soluble powder makes it extremely easy to use, allowing the user to administer the product according to each circumstance (for aquatic animals, at certain doses, during certain days, etc.)

Alp Sea

Adjuvant in case of stress, pathological conditions or growth problems.


Ideal against gregarines. It is an excellent promoter of productions that improve the digestibility of the food, enhancing the absorption of nutrients and regulating the intestinal flora. It has great antibacterial capacity; especially against vibrio, coliforms, and salmonella. Thanks to the synergistic effect of cinnamaldehyde and organic acid, when acting in combination, achieve a much greater effect than the sum of their individual effects.


It is an excellent promoter of production that works by improving the digestibility of the food, and the absorption of nutrients and regulating in the intestinal flora. It has a great antibacterial capacity, especially against vibrio, coliforms and salmonella. Thanks to the synergistic effect of cinnamaldehyde and organic acid which, acting in combination, achieves an effect much greater than the sum of their individual effects.

Anthium Dioxcide

Reliable and practical water disinfection system for livestock operations. The system consists of the 2nd generation of CL02, which helps productivity and animal health. Not to mention, it’s an EPA-proven water sanitizer that kills odor causing bacteria from water. Anthium Dioxcide is so much more than the kind of clean water your patients deserve.

Aquaculture Fordex

It is a highly concentrated non-antibiotic bactericide and fungicide, indicated for the treatment of highly contaminated balanced food and animal (fish, meat, etc.) or to avoid their contamination. It can be added directly to balanced food or to the digester in the case of contaminated flours. The addition of the product in the digester or in the mixer creates an acidic environment inside the same that favors the sterilization process of flours or balanced food, in addition to protecting it from future recontamination.


High activity phenolic disinfectant 0.5 oz/gallon (4mL/L) for use in poultry incubators, pig and cattle facilities, veterinary clinics and animal care facilities. It is also used to disinfect hatched eggs. Cleans and disinfects but does not contain soap that might scratch or dull surfaces. It is anionic and incompatible with BioSentry 904, BioSentry Bioquat 20 and other products that contain quaternary ammonium compounds.

Bioquat 20

Efficient disinfectant with great germicidal power. The recommended solutions are odorless, non-corrosive to metal surfaces and will not stain.

BioSentry 904

Chemically balanced, complete deodorizer and disinfectant that provides clear solutions for use. Kills bacteria, mold, and viruses that cause diseases and financial loss. Disinfects organic waste loads by 5% and 400ppm hard water. Biosentry 904 is chemically compatible with Biosentry, Biosentry Iodine, Biosentry Acid-A-Foam, Biosentry Chlor-A-Foam and Biosentry Universal Barn Cleaner.

Biosentry X-185

Water soluble cresol cleaner for use in field sanitation programs for poultry, swine, cattle and horse farms. The powerful Biosentry X-185 works with cold water up to 1,000 ppm hardness and 5% organic blood serum to effectively clean farm surfaces.