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Effectively removes scales from mineral deposits and helps remove detergent residues, preparing surfaces for more effective disinfection.


High activity phenolic disinfectant 0.5 oz/gallon (4mL/L) for use in poultry incubators, pig and cattle facilities, veterinary clinics and animal care facilities. It is also used to disinfect hatched eggs. Cleans and disinfects but does not contain soap that might scratch or dull surfaces. It is anionic and incompatible with BioSentry 904, BioSentry Bioquat 20 and other products that contain quaternary ammonium compounds.

Bioquat 20

Efficient disinfectant with great germicidal power. The recommended solutions are odorless, non-corrosive to metal surfaces and will not stain.

BioSentry 904

Chemically balanced, complete deodorizer and disinfectant that provides clear solutions for use. Kills bacteria, mold, and viruses that cause diseases and financial loss. Disinfects organic waste loads by 5% and 400ppm hard water. Biosentry 904 is chemically compatible with Biosentry, Biosentry Iodine, Biosentry Acid-A-Foam, Biosentry Chlor-A-Foam and Biosentry Universal Barn Cleaner.

Biosentry X-185

Water soluble cresol cleaner for use in field sanitation programs for poultry, swine, cattle and horse farms. The powerful Biosentry X-185 works with cold water up to 1,000 ppm hardness and 5% organic blood serum to effectively clean farm surfaces.

Chlor A Foam

Chlorine liquid alkaline, heavy duty detergent. Powerful foaming classic cleaner that quickly cuts and removes organic debris and yellowish deposits in hatchers, incubators, hatchery equipment, sheds, process plants, plastic items, walls, floors and waste accumulation areas. It can be used as a foaming detergent or applied as a spray using a pressure washer.


No-rinse disinfectant and sanitizer for food contact surfaces. It is a detergent, deodorizer, soapy iodine disinfectant for use in the farm, poultry facilities, swine and food processing plants. Supply 1.75% of titratable iodine.