Installation of Dispensing Equipment

The Stenner peristaltic dispensing pumps are ideal for accurately injecting compounds used in the water treatment process for disinfection in: purification applications, wastewater, industrial processes, animal consumption water.

Dosificador Stenner manual
Manual Stenner Dispenser
Dosificador Stenner digital
Digital Stenner Dispenser
Dispenser Pumps

Treatment of water for animal consumption

Water is essential

Water is essential for the optimum growth of animals. The maintenance of water quality increases water and food consumption; promoting in turn, weight gain and good health. Additionally, good cleaning and disinfection of the pipes raise the performance of the drinking system.

The performance of the dispenser is vital

The performance of the dispensers is vital to meet the water treatment needs of your farm. Since 1957, Stenner Pump Company has manufactured higher quality dispensers; maintaining the commitment to reliability and consumer service.

  • Self-propelled
  • Does not lose the self propelled feature when pumping gaseous solutions
  • The dispensing solution is not in contact with the moving parts
  • Dispenses concentrated or diluted solutions
  • It can work with or without water
  • The 3 roller design assists with the prevention of counter flow, siphon and overdose
  • Patented design heads for a quick and easy change of the pumping tube
Classic Series Dispenser

Water treatment of multiple sites

Classic Serie Dispenser, adjustable flow and head, inject directly to you well for the disinfection or acidification of multiple sites. The dispenser can be connected to your well pump or pressure switch and its flow is adjusted manually with an external ring.
Inject concentrated chemicals without damaging the dispenser, the chemical is only in contact with the tube, without affecting other parts. The Classic Serie Dispenser of adjustable flow and head, offers flow rates of
0.2 to 40 gallons per day, up to 100 psi (0.8 to 151 liters per day, up to 6.9 bar).

Injection in a ratio of 1:128

Econ Stennicator

The Econ Stennicator is the new dispenser used to inject solutions directly into the water line in a ratio of  1 to 128 (1 ounce each 128 ounces). The traditional dispensers driven by water are affected by poor quality water, chemical damage to the seals, restricted flow by the use of water passage. These factors do not affect the Econ Stennicator.
Activated by a water meter, the Econ Stennicator operated for a given time to inject the right dose.  2.7 ounces per minute, to 80 psi (79.8 ml per minute, 5.5 bar)

Econ Stennicator
Econ Stennicator
Econ Integrator
Econ Integrator™

Water treatment and disinfection of pipes

Econ Integrator™

An additional water meter is not needed when using the Econ Integrator™.
The dispenser is activated by the pulses of the water meter and injects a consistent dose of chemical. The pH and ORP can be adjusted by injecting chemicals without diluting, thus eliminating the inaccuracy and inconvenience of maintaining diluted solution. 4.5, 16 and 30 gallons per day up to 80 psi (17.0, 60.6 and 113.8 liters per day up to 5.5 bar)

Line Options

Econ Systems with Meters

Professionals with limited time, appreciate the convenience and simplicity of systems with water meters. These meters are composed of one or two dispensers (Integrator or
Stennicator), a 3/4 or 1-inch water meter and a flow indicator. The components are mounted at the factory in a high durability panel and sent ready to be installed on the wall. 

Econ Systems with Meters