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We are aware of the effort you have made since the beginning of the pandemic and that work has not stopped. You have become one of the most important pillars of the country’s economy.

We want to join that effort by launching the “Chemical Takes Care of You” campaign in which we will have special promotions and product discounts.
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Our company has specialized in the areas of aquaculture, poultry farming, pig farming, livestock farming, biosecurity and agroindustrial health; each of these departments are managed by specialized technicians and veterinarians.


Chemical Pharm del Ecuador is an Ecuadorian company founded in 1994. It is committed to the health and nutrition of animals, representing the country with prestigious brands worldwide including top quality products, which ensure greater performance and profitability for your business.

We provide a timely, responsible, and efficient service through specialized personnel in veterinary areas (not only pathology but nutrition and food formulation), biosecurity, cleaning and disinfection of industrial plants, because our success is a result of the satisfaction of our customers.

25 Years of Experience

Importing and commercializing products for Animal Health and Nutrition



The quality of our products that we offer reflects our excellence.

Virkon Aves

Formulated to overcome the limited spectrum and activity problems of other disinfectants, Virkon S achieves deactivation and destruction of the target organism through a series of non-selective and broad-spectrum oxidation reactions. Unlike other disinfectant chemicals, such as aldehydes, Virkon S does not exert a specific toxicological effect on the target organism, and is proven to kill pathogens in seconds.

Anthium Dioxcide

Reliable and practical water disinfection system for livestock operations. The system consists of the 2nd generation of CL02, which helps productivity and animal health. Not to mention, it’s an EPA-proven water sanitizer that kills odor causing bacteria from water. Anthium Dioxcide is so much more than the kind of clean water your patients deserve.

Virkon Aquatic

Complete disinfectant of air, aquatic systems and surfaces. Ideal to use in Biosafety protocol: 62 different virus strains, included within 19 families plus two unclassified viruses. 404 bacterial strains of 42 genera, including activity against 35 isolated clinical cases. 102 different strains of fungi of 72 genera. It is an association of vitamins for the development and normal growth of vitamins for the development and normal growth of shrimp and fish. Essential for the maintenance of the health of bio aquatic species. Ideal for use in the larvae and raceways laboratory.


Ideal against gregarines. It is an excellent promoter of productions that improve the digestibility of the food, enhancing the absorption of nutrients and regulating the intestinal flora. It has great antibacterial capacity; especially against vibrio, coliforms, and salmonella. Thanks to the synergistic effect of cinnamaldehyde and organic acid, when acting in combination, achieve a much greater effect than the sum of their individual effects.

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Feed additives, promoters of natural growth, phytobiotics, water disinfection.


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