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Alp Lab

Formula that provides the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids necessary to restore the vigor of sick or weak animals. Its presentation in the form of soluble powder makes it extremely easy to use, allowing the user to administer the product according to each circumstance (for aquatic animals, at certain doses, during certain days, etc.)

Citrinal Hidrofob

Stimulates the immune system. Broad spectrum bactericide and fungicide; at the level of the intestinal tract, hemolymph and hepatopancreas. It improves the absorption of antibiotics in “medicated” diets. Boosts the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Protects and preserves unconsumed balanced food from bacterial and fungal action.

Complex B Forte

Designated as a metabolic restorative after infectious processes or nutritional deficiencies. Stimulates the production in general. Anti-stress. State of weakness. Development stimulant. It is an association of vitamins for the development and normal growth of shrimp and fish, essential for the maintenance of the health of aquatic species. Ideal for use in the larvae and raceway laboratories.

Vitaminoacido Liq

Preparation that provides the vitamins and amino acids necessary to restore the strength of sick or weak animals.