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Biosolve HD-CL

Concentrated cleaner for heavy cleaning in shrimp farms, larval laboratories, process plants, and packing houses (walls, floors, ceilings, counters, and surroundings) used in the aquaculture industry. Removes organic dirt, grease and protein residue in all stages of production.

Citrinal Lab

Designated to maintain a stable PH. The same one that allows adequate food consumption, causes a molt and normal shrimp growth, obtaining excellent larvae motility.

Complex B Forte

Designated as a metabolic restorative after infectious processes or nutritional deficiencies. Stimulates the production in general. Anti-stress. State of weakness. Development stimulant. It is an association of vitamins for the development and normal growth of shrimp and fish, essential for the maintenance of the health of aquatic species. Ideal for use in the larvae and raceway laboratories.